Friday, 17 May 2019

weekly wrap up 5/17/19 -- Comic Con and last day of CO-OP

Yikes, it the last day for Co-op was this week.  The boys had a pizza lunch after Spanish class and I bought them a chocolate chip cookie to celebrate.  While Spanish class is over we are behind (due to my needing to take several weeks off for my Dad) on our art and literature lesson we will be continuing to met up on Thursdays over the summer so we can catch up.

This week Firedrake is taking her AP exam for Literature.  Hoping she does well enough to earn college credit!  Won't know for a few months.

This past weekend was the Comic Con convention which my daughter looks forward too every year! I enjoy going as some of the outfits are amazing!  Plus some of the talks are quite interesting.
Firedrake dressed up as Taako (in green hat)

Aren't these customers amazing!!

MarioFan favorite!!!

Captain Marvel was carrying a tabby cat in her back pack which was very cool 

bit hard to see but the cat is there and so well behaved.  She did say she let him out in the car to rest occasionally, so he wouldn't get too stressed out.
more great costumes.

Slenderman, I think, but this poor person had a hard time finding places to sit due to being on stilts all day!!  I had a good chuckle here
There was a costume show-- which drew the largest show.  
MarioFan loves the virtual reality station they have every year where .  He so wants one at home, but with the price of them, not likely to happen anytime soon

the kids participated in game show and won a small token
Both kids wanted to attend a talk on Pokemon biology

I found it very interesting that someone took the time to figure these things out.  but hey a little education no matter how you get it is good:)

Firedrake has final week next week and then her school year is over!  She earned straight A's again this semester so she is edible to drop one final exam from her schedule.  She has until Monday to decide.  I think she is leaning towards dropping Chem or AP Lit.