Friday, 19 February 2021

Weekly Wrap up -- 2/19/21. College update and Stain Glass Drum lamps

 Firedrake is doing her second semester in college and seems to be happy.  She and her roommate are still doing well and enjoying each other's company.  Most of her classes are hybrid this semester except one. So half the class attends one day and the other half is on line and then the next class they reverse it.  

Recently they participated in a student union activity and did a painting class together just for fun!

Firedrake did drop her Math course as it was all on line and she just felt it would be too much self learning and since Math is her least favorite and hardest subject she decide (and we agreed) that it would be best just to drop it and hope that next year she can do an in person class!

Firedrake is really enjoying her film class and recently watched 12 angry men and LOVE it.  She also love the class discussion and analyzing of films.  This is her favorite class so far this semester.  

Firedrake calls every Sunday and we enjoy catching up with her and seeing how her week goes.  We also get several texts a week and she even occasionally answers a text back from us, lol  She will be home for spring break in just four short weeks.

Drum stain glass lamp projects

I recently manage to procure an old drum set and am working on turning them into lamps.  The only thing wrong with the drums were the skins which were cracked and worn out.  Since I didn't need that part of the drum I took them all home.  

There are four drum in total and I removed the drum skins from each drum
This also help me clean up the drums from all the dust and let me examine the entire piece to make sure they were sturdy and in good condition.  Luckily all four passed inspection!

 I started with the smallest drum and chose a simple pattern just to see how I could turn it into a lamp! luckily a few people in my glass groups have done this so they gave excellent advice. 
It was actually not hard, since I have already done two guitar as lamps, I more or less did it the same way.  With such a simple pattern it only took a weekend to complete.

I liked how it turned out and just trying to figure out how to hang it but I think it looks nice on the mantle:).

The second drum which was slightly larger I made a celtic trinity design.  It is just slightly off centered which is annoying but I can live with it.  For the next drums I will need to get some help during assembly to make sure things are centered as while soldering things slip around a bit.

For the largest Bass drum I plan on working on a Neil Pert design as that is my husband's favorite drummer.  I found someone who is helping me design a pattern!  I still have the snare drum to figure out a design for!

My husband was put all the 9 stain glass lamps on timers in the house so they all turn on and off at the same time.  The house is really looking pretty with all these fancy lights.  I have plans for two more drum lights and another Tiffany dogwood lamp:). 

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  1. The drum lamps are gorgeous. You have great talent. You should sell some of those. I imagine they would be a great hit.
    Blessings, Dawn